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Back to School Success 5 Essential Tips for Children Returning to School

Back to School Success: 5 Essential Tips for Children Returning to School


Here are five tips to help children transition back  after a period of closure

1.Establish a Routine:Back to School

Help your child establish a consistent daily routine that includes waking up and going to bed at regular times,

This routine will provide structure and help them mentally prepare for the school day. Set aside time for homework meals, physical activity and relaxation






2.Communicate Openly:

Encourage your child to express their feelings about returning to school

Discuss any concerns or anxieties they may have and provide reassurance

Talk about the safety measures being taken at school such as mask-wearing and sanitization protocols to help alleviate their worries.





3.Practice Healthy Habits:Back to School

Reinforce the importance of hygiene practices such as hand washing and respiratory etiquette (covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or elbow)

Teach your child to use hand sanitizer properly

Emphasize the significance of maintaining personal space and avoiding physical contact with others.






4.Build Social Skills:

Encourage your child to reconnect with classmates and make new friends

Remind them of the importance of empathy,kindness and inclusivity

Engage in activities that promote social interaction such as virtual playdates or extracurricular clubs.





5.Foster a Positive Attitude:Back to School

Help your child cultivate a positive mindset about returning to school

Focus on the exciting aspects of being back in the classroom such as seeing friends, engaging in learning activities and participating in  events

Encourage them to set goals for themselves and celebrate their accomplishments

5 Essential Tips for Children Returning to School

Remember that each child is unique so be attentive to their individual needs and concerns  By providing support open communication and a positive environment you can help your child navigate the  reopening with confidence


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