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Cirkus 2022

Movie Synopsis for Cirkus 2022
The narrative of CIRKUS is one of identity confusion. It is the year 1942. The Jamnadas Orphanage is headed by Dr. Roy Jamnadas (Murli Sharma) and Joy Jamnadas (Uday Tikekar). He splits up two pairs of twins and gives them to two different adoptive families as part of an experiment. An Ooty couple who own the Jubilee Circus adopts the first set. The Shenoys of Bangalore embraced the other set. It’s interesting to note that both adoptive parents name their kids Roy and Joy after Roy and Joy Jamnadas! The narrative then jumps forward 30 years. Following the passing of their foster parents, Roy # 1 (Ranveer Singh) and Joy # 1 (Varun Sharma) now manage the Jubilee Circus. Roy is referred regarded as the “electric guy” since heperform tricks involving electricity. The audience is shocked to find that the electricity travels through his body without electrocuting him. Mala (Pooja Hegde), the wife of Roy # 1, is eager to start a family. However, she is eager to adopt because she is unable to conceive,despite Roy #1’s opposition. In the meantime, Bangalore is where Roy # 2 (Ranveer Singh) and Joy # 2 (Varun Sharma) are based.

Cirkus 2022

Bindu is dating Roy #2. (Jacqueline Fernandez). When her father Rai Bahadur (Sanjay Mishra) accidentally sees Roy #1 with Mala in Ooty, he assumes Roy #2 is having an affair with Bindu. For crucial job, Roy # 2 and Joy # 2 decide to travel to Ooty. Prem (Anil Charanjeett), a dependable servant for Rai Bahadur, is sent after them to investigate.

if Mala and Roy # 2 are truly married. From this point on, things go crazy as Roy # 2 and Joy # 2 run into a band of robbers and run into a number of Ooty locals who claim to know them very well despite the fact that this is their first time visiting the city. The remainder of the movie is based on what occurs next.


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