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Dhamaka Review

 Dhamaka Review

Dhamaka Review
Ravi Teja-Actor

Title: Dhamaka 
Rating: 2.5/5
Cast: Ravi Teja, Srileela, Jayaram, Sachin Khedekar, Tanikella, Rao Ramesh, Hyper Adi, Praveen, Ali, Pavitra Lokesh, Tulsi etc.
Camera: Karthik Ghattamaneni
Editing: Praveen Pudi
Music: Bheems Cecilio
Producer: TG Vishwaprasad
Directed by: Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Release: 23rd December 2022

“Dhamaka” Movie Review

This “Dhamaka Review” gave hope to Ravi Teja who had experienced two of the biggest disasters. As the trailer and songs were impressive, opinions emerged that this is a playable movie. Nakkina Trinatha Rao, who is not known as a top director and does not seem to care if there are no blockbusters in his career, is the director of this film. As the film is under the People’s Media banner, which is making big films in a row in Tollywood, expectations have been better due to the fact that Srilila is the heroine who stole the hearts of the youth. Let’s see how things are.

Generally when buy one get one free ads are placed it is called “double bang”. Here only “Dhamaka” is kept in the title and the word double is put in the caption. The two Ravi Teja`s are shown in the poster and this is a dubbing movie. But the narrators have worked very hard to show the novelty that this is not a simple dubbing movie. It was written by not one but two.

Movie review start

The film starts directly with Ravi Teja’s scene without any build-up of the hero’s introduction scene. The movie opens with Ravi Teja’s character dying due to someone hitting him on the head from behind and locking the body in the mortuary. Go there 18 days ago and the real story begins.

Swami (Ravi Teja) belongs to a middle-class family and is seen organizing fights. His parents and sister like him as well. This Swami turns on the video call and shows them his fighting skills. Like that Also on the other hand Ananda Chakraborty (Ravijeja) is the future CEO of his father’s company. He is very responsible. Chartered planes, Range Rover cars…this is his lifestyle. He doesn’t know what to do with anyone.

A villain (Jayaram) tries to take over this company. He is very cruel. He kills those he doesn’t like by putting a knife to their throats. As the censors were completely asleep, the audience got a chance to watch these scenes.

If you look at the premise so far, Chiranjeevi is a rowdy son-in-law and NTR is Rama’s Bheemudu.

But our storytellers tried to dazzle the audience by using their intelligence and giving unexpected twists. But the IQ in that writing seems too low, too high. No matter how mass the movie is, the audience will be smart. If you want to travel with magic aside from logic, you have to use at least common sense. It is lacking in many places in this movie. This mass masala written and removed as Too Take for Granted is not for everyone.

Technically, the music section is active in this movie. The songs like “Nindu Dimna Etno Undadi”, “Dandakadiyal” and “Pulsar Bike” seem to be Bheem’s Cecilia brand. They have freshness and are impressive. The rest of the songs given a feeling of being heard sometime decades ago. The background score sounded promising in the opening scene but gradually for some reason the impact did not continue.

Camera, editing etc. are good but screenplay is so-so

As far as the actors are concerned, Ali looks like a padding artist in this while Hyper Adi is the main comedian. This is what vidhi viparityam and kalamahima mean. Also, another comedian Praveen… this talented comedian was given a very small role and kept aside. However, Hyper Aadi’s comedy panchus are impressive with Jabardast skits.

Rao Ramesh used to do many such roles. But the Indra spoof shot on him and M Dharmaraju’s Mme-style dialogue are laughable. The insults between Ravi Teja and Rao Ramesh

Tanikella, Tulsi, Sachin Khedekar and Pavitra Lokesh have lived up to their roles.

Srileela danced well. But if she did more complicated steps to resemble Sai Pallavi, her stardom would have increased even more. He can do it because he is somehow a good dancer.

Ravi Teja has done the dubbing well in his own style. Even before Ravi Teja, the energy to shoulder the film completely no matter what the story is. The same continued here.

The movie doesn’t move until the first hour. It is touching here and there. Wait till interval for conflict point. There’s a twist. The real story begins in second half. Even if there isn’t much drag, the forced twists are not as tasty. Moreover, instead of ending with an action episode in the climax, Srikanth Addala’s type ends as if everyone is good.

If you want to end the year with full entertainment during the festive season and go to this movie, you will not get that entertainment unless you compromise on many things. Double dose



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