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Infosys plan | Infosys has a 5-year plan worth around $2 billion

Infosys | A quality event by Infosys.. TCS Wipro unexpected divestment..!

While investors await the June quarter results of one of India’s largest IT services companies

Infosys has a 5-year plan worth around $2 billion to please all parties.

What is important here is the technology that Infosys has acquired for this new project…?

While Indian IT services companies have been facing increasing challenges in getting new business lately

Infosys has quietly secured a $2 billion project

It is no exaggeration to say that this has given a big shock to Infosys rivals TCS Wipro and HCL

In a statement to the Bombay Stock Exchange Infosys management said that

Infosys has received a $2 billion 5-year Modernization and Maintenance service plan

based on artificial intelligence and automation from a major customer it is currently working with

Infosys did not disclose the client from which it received the new $2 billion project proposal

Infosys is expected to make the announcement on Thursday when it releases its June quarter results

Its a big deal that Infosys got $2 billion worth of business from its customers in this poor trading environment






Infosys Plan growth

Infosys has forecast growth of 4-7 per cent in FY2024 the slowest in the last six years

And Infosys is likely to lower its adjusted earnings growth rate of 7 percent to 6 or 6.5 percent

at the end of the June quarter to be released tomorrow

The main reason for this is poor market conditions.

Shares of Infosys rose 1.21 per cent to trade at Rs 1,439.95 in morning trade

having touched a high of Rs 1,457.90 in morning trade

A major change is expected after the end of the June quarter

Most notably it has secured a $2 billion deal in the field of artificial intelligence

the biggest deal ever in this new technology.


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