HomeFinanceIRFC Share Price: What should investors do in this railway stock

IRFC Share Price: What should investors do in this railway stock

IRFC Share Price: What should investors do in this railway stock


IRFC Share Price Prediction

IRCFC stands for Indian Railway Finance Corporation which is the most talked about stock this year. Today we will know in details about this share that IRFC Share Price Target 2023, 2025, 2030 .

Information about ‘IRFC’ (IRFC Company Details)

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Company is owned by the Government of India i.e. Ministry of Indian Railways. This company was started in the year 1986. This company is actually known for acquisition, giving on rent the property of railway infrastructure, giving it on lease to institutions on behalf of Ministry of Railways. Its Headquarter is present in Delhi.





IRFC Share Price Historical Data

If today’s time (February 2022) if we talk about shares, then the price of one share of IRFC is running around Rs.23.10. If we talk about its maximum and minimum price, then in 2021 it also made a low of Rs.23.10 and in October 2021, its price also went up to Rs.25.80 per share (IRFC Highest Share Price Ever).


IRFC Share Track Record

If we talk about the financial record of the company, then in March 2020 its net profit was Rs 3,692 crores, in March 2021 it was about Rs 4,416 crores.

Talking about the total assets of the company, in the year March 2020, the total asset of the company was 275,934 crores, which was 378,051 crores in the year 2021, which means it has increased.


What will be the IRFC Share Price Target 2023?

If seen, then the business of the company comes in the category of growth going forward. The company is trading at 0.77 times its book value.

If we talk about target, then talk about  Share Priced Target 2023, then it can go from about 38 to 40.


What will be its Target 2025?

If we talk about the Dividend yield of the company, then it is about 4.56%, it is really a good thing. Therefore, if we talk about Share Price Target 2025, then it can go up to around Rs.45 to Rs.49. It can show very good growth in the coming days.

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