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JioBharat Phone: OTT, UPI for Rs.999 is so much! 30% cheaper recharge plan!

JioBharat Phone : Get OTT and UPI on JioBharat Phone for Rs.999


JioBharat Phone | Budget-Friendly OTT and UPI Solution

Jio Bharath Phone, Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecom services company, has been making several efforts to expand its customer base and business. In the Indian telecom market, once a minute of calling was charged at Rs 2, today it has become completely free. Now only pay for data.

It is only 4G service while people are using 360 angle and all services, 5G service has also been introduced due to the increasing demand for high speed internet day by day.

Reliance Jio, which has overtaken Airtel as the number one in 5G services, has been eyeing 200 to 250 million customers in the 2G segment for years.

In an effort to gain customers in this segment, Jio is preparing new Jio Bharat phones on its own platform, the Jio Parth platform, and is going to test 10 lakh phones on July 7.






What is so special about this phone for 999 rupees..?

While the JioBharat phone is almost identical to the earlier Reliance Jio phone, the new phone also features Reliance Group’s OTT platform Jio Cinema, music platform Jio saavan and scan-to-pay UPI service Jio Pay.

It also has a front-back camera so you can make video calls and take photos.

Almost all the services available in a basic smartphone are available in this Jio Barth phone.

In addition to this, unlimited call facility and 14 GB internet data are given for just 123 rupees. This is similar to other competing companies offering just 2GB of data for a monthly fee of Rs 179.


Jio Phone 5G


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