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Marwan Berreni: Disappearance of Marwan Berreni

Marwan Berreni: Disappearance of Marwan Berreni

Marwan Berreni: Disappearance

“Come back”, implore his parents in a poignant letter
The Plus belle la vie actor has not given any sign of life since August 4, 2023. His vehicle was involved in a road accident which injured a woman.

He vanished. The disappearance of Marwan Berreni, actor in the series Plus belle la vie (he played Maître Abdel Fedala, lawyer) remains a mystery. His family is anguished and has decided to break the silence, in a poignant open letter, published this Monday, October 2, 2023, on the Libération website.

She calls for a real investigation to be carried out into this matter. Mourad and Martine Berreni are begging the courts to take into account the worrying nature of their son’s disappearance, explains the daily.






“An inhumane situation”

Since August 4, the 34-year-old actor has been nowhere to be found. His phone is cut off and no longer emits any signal. No movement was seen on his bank accounts. “An inhumane situation,” his father confided to Libération.

“Marwan, if you think you need help to chase away this dark cloud that hangs over you and makes you feel sadness and despair; so that everything goes better tomorrow; Marwan, our son, face your fears (…) get back on your path, believe in yourself (…),” write his parents.

A disappearance in troubled circumstances

Marwan Berreni disappeared this summer in particularly murky circumstances. On the night of August 3, Sandra L., aged 37, was hit by a Mercedes near a nightclub, Club 400, in Mâcon (Saône-et-Loire). She was seriously injured in the accident.

Two days later, the 4×4 was found abandoned a few kilometers from the scene of the accident, on the side of a country road. Inside, investigators found papers in the name of Marwan Berreni. But the actor has since been nowhere to be found.





Marwan Berreni is considered a witness in this accident

Marwan Berreni has lived in Saône-et-Loire since 2019, in Fuissé, near Mâcon. He could be involved in the accident, but the investigation is still ongoing. Neither the victim, nor the witnesses to the accident, nor the video surveillance images were able to clearly identify the face of the driver of the 4×4.



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