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OpenAI Sora : the publisher of Chat GPT unveils its revolutionary video generator Sora

OpenAI Sora : the publisher of Chat GPT unveils its revolutionary video generator Sora

Sora a New AI Tool :

OpenAI, the publisher of Chat GPT and the DALL-E image generator, has unveiled a new tool, called Sora, capable of creating realistic videos up to a minute long by simply entering text, a major innovation in field of artificial intelligence. Based on previous research carried out on the DALL-E and GPT programs, this new platform is still being tested, said the Californian start-up allied with Microsoft, which however presented a few videos and their genesis.

The program can generate videos up to one minute long “while maintaining visual quality and respecting user demand,” OpenAI said on its website. Sora can “generate complex scenes with several characters, specific types of movements and precise details”, details the start-up on its site. Sora also allows you to create a video from a still image, assures the artificial intelligence giant, or to extend existing videos.

Sam Altman says

the boss of OpenAI, declared on the social network X that his company would “offer a limited number of creators access” to this new tool, as part of an experimental phase. He also invited users to make proposals to generate videos, the most relevant of which he moments later broadcast on the platform. Among these videos, we can see two dogs frolicking in the snow in the mountains.


Another video shows the flight of an imaginary animal, half duck, half dragon, in front of a magnificent sunset, with a hamster dressed in sports clothing on its back. Sora serves as the basis for “programs capable of understanding and simulating the real world,” explains the start-up, which hopes that it “will constitute an important step in the realization of AGI” – Artificial General Intelligence, a highly autonomous system that would outperform humans in most economically profitable tasks.

The platform has flaws

OpenAI warned that the “current model” of the platform had “flaws” with confusion between left and right or the inability to maintain visual continuity throughout the video. “For example, a person may take a bite of a cookie, but afterwards, the cookie may not have a bite mark,” explains the editor.

By unveiling this new tool, the company affirmed that the question of security constituted an essential issue and that simulations would be organized with users challenged to produce malfunctions or to create inappropriate content, in order to better define the limits of the platform. “We will engage policymakers, educators and artists across the world to understand their concerns and identify positive use cases for this new technology,” OpenAI said. Meta, Google and Runway AI, which work on similar so-called “text-to-video” applications, have already presented samples.


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