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Riyad Mahrez ‘s Thrilling Journey: From Manchester City to Al Ahli

” Riyad Mahrez ‘s Exciting Transfer: From Manchester City to Al Ahli ”

In a highly anticipated and significant move, Riyad Mahrez, the renowned footballer who made his mark at Manchester City. Has bid farewell to the Premier League club and embraced a new challenge with Saudi Arabian side Al Ahli.


A Bold Move: Riyad Mahrez Bids Farewell to Manchester City

This transfer signifies a new chapter in the talented player’s career as he sets foot in the captivating footballing landscape of the Middle East.

The latest headlines read: “Riyad Mahrez Joins Al Ahli in £30 Million Transfer from Manchester City.” This high-profile deal was officially announced on Friday, drawing the attention of fans and football enthusiasts worldwide.

Riyad Mahrez's Thrilling Journey: From Manchester City to Al Ahli
Riyad Mahrez’s Thrilling Journey: From Manchester City to Al Ahli


A Lucrative Deal: The £30 Million Transfer – RIYAD MAHERZ

According to reliable sources, ESPN reports that Manchester City, the Premier League champions, agreed on a substantial transfer fee of £30 million ($38.7 million) with Al Ahli to secure Mahrez’s services.



Riyad Mahrez
Riyad Mahrez’s Thrilling Journey: From Manchester City to Al Ahli


A Fresh Start: Mahrez’s Footballing Journey in Saudi Arabia

The move to Saudi Arabia held immense appeal for Mahrez, and he eagerly embraced this transition. The transfer deal includes a guaranteed payment of £26 million, along with an additional £4 million in potential add-ons.

The decision to join Al Ahli presents a fresh and exciting opportunity for Mahrez as he embarks on a new phase of his illustrious football career in the vibrant footballing landscape of Saudi Arabia.

Enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the chance to witness Mahrez’s exceptional skills and talent as he dons the prestigious Al Ahli jersey.

During his time at Manchester City, Riyad Mahrez played an instrumental role in the club’s success, contributing to a remarkable four Premier League titles, including a memorable Treble triumph last season.

Since his arrival from Leicester City in 2018, Mahrez has made a total of 236 appearances, leaving an indelible mark on the club’s history.

In heartfelt words, Mahrez expressed, “Playing for Manchester City has been an absolute honor and privilege. When I joined City, my goal was not only to win trophies but also to relish the joy of playing football.

Over the years, I have achieved that and so much more. These five years have been nothing short of extraordinary, being part of this phenomenal football club. Sharing the pitch with incredible teammates. Receiving unwavering support from the fans and working under the guidance of the world’s finest manager.

As I reminisce about our journey at Manchester City, I am overwhelmed with the cherished memories we’ve created together.

Our triumphs in the Premier League, the epic battles against Liverpool and Arsenal – they all embody our collective determination and winning spirit.

Manchester City will forever hold a special place in my heart, and the memories we’ve forged here will stay with me for a lifetime.”





Matthias Jaissle: Al Ahli’s New Manager

Simultaneously with Mahrez’s departure. Al Ahli promptly appointed Matthias Jaissle as their new manager.

Securing him on a three-year contract. This decision followed FC Salzburg’s decision to part ways with the German coach. When he expressed his intention to join the Saudi club.

Stephen Rider, the managing director of Salzburg.

Asserted that a coach preoccupied with the possibility of changing.

Clubs just two days before the commencement of a crucial season should not be present for the season opener. This reasoning underscores the club’s decision to relieve the coach of his duties.






Building a Formidable Squad: Al Ahli’s Transfer Market Moves

As Al Ahli prepares for the upcoming season. They have made significant moves in the transfer market. Securing the services of Roberto Firmino from Liverpool and Édouard Mendy from Chelsea.

The Saudi club, who earned promotion as champions of the Saudi First Division League last season. Is diligently building a formidable squad to compete at the highest level.

With Riyad Mahrez embarking on an exciting new chapter in his career at Al Ahli and

The Matthias Jaissle taking charge as manager.

Football fans around the world eagerly anticipate the unfolding of an exhilarating new season. With fresh challenges and opportunities in the Saudi Pro League.

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