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Super Blue Moon 2023: What is the date and time of Super Blue Moon in India; Where and how to watch

Super Blue Moon 2023: What is the date and time of Super Blue Moon in India; Where and how to watch

Super Blue Moon August 2023 India:

Today is a very special day for people who are fond of seeing rare sights in the sky.

A Super Blue Moon will appear in the sky tonight. This unusual occurrence occurs when the full moon falls at the moon’s closest approach to Earth. This occurs because the Moon’s orbit around the Earth is elliptical rather than round. So please let us know where, when, and how we might see it in this news.





NASA says

Contrary to the name, the color of the moon does not appear blue. This is just a term for two full moons in a month.

‘Super Blue Moons occur on average every 10 years. However, the time between any two events can vary from two months to two decades or more,NASA says

When will the super blue moon appear

Space told that ‘Super Blue Moon’ will reach its highest brightness at 8.37 pm on Wednesday, just after sunset. However, today the moon will start appearing from 6:35 pm. The Moon will be opposite the Sun on Wednesday, August 30 at 9:36 PM. The Blue Moon will then set at around 4:42 am just before sunrise on Thursday.

How to see the Super Blue Moon?

Those interested in witnessing this rare celestial event, which is not likely to occur for many years now, can watch the moon after sunset. The best time to watch the Super Blue Moon is in the evening. You can view the Moon with the naked eye, or by using binoculars and telescopes. You can also watch it live on many websites. You can watch it live on Space.com or its YouTube channel.

How big will the moon be?

According to NASA, when the Moon is closer to the Earth, it appears 14% larger than when it is farther away from the Earth. NASA said that ‘This is similar to the size difference between a quarter and a nickel. Because the Moon will be closer to us in its orbit, it will appear slightly brighter than usual.

Why is this a rare occurrence?

This is a rare occurrence because 25 percent of all full moons are supermoons, but only 3 percent of full moons are blue moons. Another reason that makes this event rare is that the time between two consecutive Super Blue Moons can be up to 20 years. NASA says the next super blue moons will occur in a pair in January and March 2037.


Earth To Moon Distance

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