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Tech Titans Enter the Ring: Ambani Vs Adani , Data Center Showdown. New business start in Chennai..!

As India’s digital services industry continues to experience rapid growth, there is a surging demand for digital infrastructure, prompting several leading business giants to actively pursue data center initiatives. Among them, the rivalry between Gautham Adani’s Adani Group and Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Group has garnered significant attention. Ambani Vs Adani





India’s Digital Infrastructure Boom: The Clash of Titans – Ambani Vs Adani



Chennai's Greenfield Data Center: An Eco-Friendly Milestone
Chennai’s Greenfield Data Center: An Eco-Friendly Milestone

The Three-Way Alliance: Ambani, Brookfield, and Digital Realty Join ForcesĀ 

The Adani Group, spearheaded by Gautham Adani, has already laid out plans for a data center venture, prompting a competitive response from Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries.

To enter the fray Reliance Industries, alongside Brookfield Infrastructure Partners. And Digital Realty Trust has formed a strategic three-way alliance. With each holding an equal stake of 33.33 percent in the venture.

These entities have established special purpose vehicles (SPVs) to facilitate the establishment of state-of-the-art data centers in India.

Adani Group Raise Rs.21000CR




India’s Data Center Boom: Fueled by Growing Digital Services

Digital Realty Trust, a company specialized in cloud and data center services, joins the consortium to cater to the growing demand for cutting-edge data centers in India.

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners and Digital Realty Trust had previously been in an alliance known as BAM Digital Realty and now with Reliance Industries involvement the new joint venture will be rebranded as Digital Connexion.

Adani group 7 stocks




Chennai’s Greenfield Data Center: An Eco-Friendly Milestone


Currently, Digital Connexion is actively working on constructing new data centers in Chennai and Mumbai.

Their first project involves setting up a 20MW greenfield data center on a 100MW campus in Chennai, with construction expected to conclude by the end of this year.

Additionally, Digital Connexion has recently acquired 2.15 acres of land in Mumbai for the development of a 40MW data center.




The rise of digital services in India, coupled with the implementation of new data protection and data storage regulations by the central government, has spurred an even greater demand for data centers in the country.


Leading tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are also investing in building new data centers to meet this escalating demand.


Given the projected exponential growth of the data center industry and related businesses in India in the coming years.




Both Gautham Adani’s Adani Group and Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries have ventured into this sector, capitalizing on the vast opportunities.

It presents for expansion and innovation. As these two powerful business empires compete for dominance.

The digital infrastructure landscape in India is bound to witness remarkable transformations.

Adani Stocks Decline


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