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The Burial Ground Of Electric Cars…. Shocking Truth ! …….

The Burial Ground Of Electric Cars…. Shocking Truth ! ……. 99 percent are sure that electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry due to the high price of petrol and diesel,

the environmental damage caused by it, and the promotion of electric vehicles by Western countries to reduce the dominance of crude oil in Arab countries.


The Burial Ground Of Electric Cars…. Shocking Truth !

A major problem with electric vehicles at present is their cost.

As a large part of the production of electric vehicles is based on its battery package, the price of various metals, starting with lithium metal, will be affected.

If expensive electric cars are introduced as an alternative to petrol and diesel cars, people will not necessarily buy them.

As a result, countries around the world are giving excessive subsidies to create a favorable environment for people and manufacturing companies in the electric vehicle market.

In this situation, a YouTuber has discovered that there is a hotbed of electric cars in China, which is a pioneer in the production and manufacture of electric cars worldwide.

This video has brought to light how electric car companies are defrauding the Chinese government and investors.







A YouTuber named Winston Sterzel revealed secrets of Electric cars…

A YouTuber named Winston Sterzel has uploaded a drone video shot in China. The video shows more than 10,000 new electric cars parked in the open with government-registered number plates.


Not only this, not only grass has grown around the place where the car was parked, but there is dust on the car as a sign that the car has been parked in the same place for many months.


The recently launched Geely Kandi K10 EV, Neta V and BYD e3 models in China are parked at this location.


This video was taken in Hangzhou District, Zhejiang Province. Now the important question is why so many cars are parked here…?


Any company wants to give new cars to dealers and sell them, when that is the case, why are new cars with only 31 miles on hold?


Electric car manufacturing companies need to get subsidies from the government, get more investment from investors at inflated valuations,

and have registered and filed accounts at fake addresses to show higher sales numbers.


As the number of registered cars exceeds the limit, they are parked in the open without any other option.


A new car is confirmed by the kilometer reading and even the seat cover is intact. With this, YouTuber Winston Sterzel calls the electric car bonfire.





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